Public Information Coordinator

It is with great pleasure that I report the recent appointment of Mr. Mike Sigelman, K0BUD, to the position of Public Information Coordinator for the Minnesota Section. Mike has been a major contributor to amateur radio in Minnesota for many years.

From the day that Mike Sigelman, K0BUD, first entered amateur radio he has always been spurred on leading amateur radio events from Field Days, to picnics and Clubs! He continues to that goal to this day where he serves as President of the Twin City FM Club, Board Member of Twinslan, and active in many other amateur radio activities including Assistant to the Dakota Division Director for the ARRL.

Mike is active in contesting and DX as well as serving as Net Control for several nets. Mike is a Journalism Grad from the University of Minnesota where he holds a Masters Degree and spent a great deal of his career in broadcasting as well as in the financial world. He is a crusader for the amateur hobby and enjoys it as much today as he did when he was first licensed in 1954.

Please welcome Mike to this position on the section cabinet. In this position, he will be responsible for the section PIO activities and assist with development of a speakers bureau to present amateur radio to other groups and organizations.

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