Official Observer Coordinator

Skip Jackson, KS0J, is our acting Official Observer Coordinator. We do not have a regular OOC appointed at this time.

This table lists our Official Observers

Norb Bierschbach, WO0A
29719 Gerlach Way
Cannon Falls, MN 55009-9228

Hans Brakob, K0HB
1610 Weston Ln No
Plymouth, MN 55447-2855

James P. Langan, K0QEI
2429 121st Cir NE
Unit D
Minneapolis MN 55449-5588

Michael Scott. Lovold, N0PDG
3860 Birchwood Rd
Duluth MN 55803-1144

Cal Nielsen, WB6AMY
112 S Tyler St
Tyler, MN 56178-9482

It's important to remember that our OO Corp are listeners. We listen around the bands for whatever time we can spend. We listen for things that can be improved. We are not the Ham Band Police !! When we find something, we report it to the OOC and then a decision is made on the appropriate action to be taken. For irregular operation, usually a simple notification is appropriate. For outright and repeated rule violations, we will use caution and work the ARRL to decide what to do. The step of FCC notification is a serious step that needs careful consideration and that is only done by headquarters, not by the individual OO.

If you wish to be an OO, please contact Skip at

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