Affiliated Club Coordinator

Amateur radio is always considered an individual effort as each operator and their station is autonomous and operating is really not a group "Sport". Of course, it takes at least two operators to make a QSO but station operation is an individual effort. Individual operating accomplishments are rewarded as they should be. However, as we have all observed, when there is a significant step forward in amateur radio, it is almost always the result of the efforts of a club. It usually takes a club to put on a special event, a class, or a hamfest. Clubs play a very important role in the future of amateur radio.

In recognition of this fact, the ARRL puts a lot of effort into clubs and into club development. The position of Affiliated Club Coordinator is held in Minnesota by Frank Karnauskas, N1UW. Frank travels the state extensively in the course of conducting his business and has the opportunity to cover the whole state and visit the many clubs we have in Minnesota.

The ARRL has a process for the affiliation of a radio club. That process is located at

Also at this location, you will find other information about radio clubs and their formation and organization.

You may contact Frank at:

Frank W Karnauskas, N1UW
1402 Summit Shores Dr
Burnsville, MN 55306

All of the MN Section cabinet are willing to assist clubs and that includes all of the Assistant Section Managers. We will visit clubs and help the clubs with programs and program ideas. Frank will coordinate the efforts of the rest of the staff.

If your club is having a special meeting or is celebrating your anniversary, call Frank and someone will try to attend your meeting.

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